Have you wondered how to get started on the backyard of your dreams?  If you’re like many of folks that we talk to, you’re frustrated with the lack of information Landscape contractors are giving you during your “free estimate” appointment.  Typically this happens because it’s hard to give an estimate without a plan.  And many times these contractors, while possibly great at installing projects, are not trained in design.  The best way to start is to find a designer that you like and commission them to put your thoughts and dreams to paper.  Once you have your design then you can move to the free estimate phase. 

Importance of professional design:

● Helps communicate the vision to both the clients and crews

● Minimizes costly errors and mistakes from not thinking it through thoroughly (Size, lighting, furniture)

● Includes elevations to identify the need for walls, steps, and water runoff

● Includes detailed measurements which ensure the finished project is completed as planned

● Easily make changes to the design and budget

It’s absolutely necessary to have a plan to bid a project & compare pricing. We do not work without a plan nor should anyone. Simple planning for smaller projects do not need to be costly or fancy, but for intricate projects (projects with lots of curves or those with budgets of $15,000+) investing in a solid plan is key. Our typical design costs range from $300-$1200+)

Planning a good design can take as little as one month and as long as one year to develop. Larger projects, especially ones that include pools or covering structures should start the planning process six months to one year before the space is to be enjoyed.

Furniture is one of the items in an outdoor space that many contractors and homeowners do not think to plan for. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories of folks that did not plan properly and ended up with too small of a space. The opposite is also true. Creating a patio that’s too big for your needs can cost you much more than is necessary if it’s not needed.

With 3D design technology, we are now able to give clients a conceptual idea of lighting schemes. From nighttime low voltage lighting to how the sun will be shaded by a pergola at different times of the year. This service can save homeowners big time before a crew even shows up to get started.

We at Commonwealth Curb Appeal can assist you with all aspects of Landscape – from design to turn-key installation.  We’d love to hear from you!

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