Over the years of meeting with prospective patio clients, I inevitability get asked the question: How much do pavers cost per square foot? The answer to this is not one that can be answered with one dollar figure. An important lesson that’s taught to certified paver installers is that you should never price a project per square foot. The reason is that there are so many factors that go into the installation of concrete paver patios. I will use this post to guide you through the factors that go into pricing a paver project.

First off, I’m not going to keep you on edge about the price of pavers as a ballpark starting point. To answer this common question I give a guide based on historical data from our company. The average square footage price of our patio installations are right around $22.00 per square foot while our overall turnkey projects average around $25,000.

But this information alone doesn’t really help you yet. There are other things that can cause your custom patio to cost either more or less than the average cost I just shared with you.

Most common factors that help either save you money or break the budget on your paver patio project are as follows:

  • Soil Type – Structural enough for minimum base or is more base required

  • Shape & Size – small & light or large & heavy / rectangular or irregular / square or curved

  • Paver Patterns & Textures – Continual pattern or mosaic / smooth or cobbled

  • Slope – Flat or need a wall to bring level

  • Accessibility – Equipment access or all by hand / staging area close by or far from project

  • Existing Utilities & Irrigation – Utilities to avoid or redirect

  • Location – Do materials & crews need to be hauled long distances

  • Add-on Features – Lighting, inlays, pattern changes, special drainage considerations

  • Change Orders – Was something left out of design or last minute idea to add

These are just a few factors that affect the cost of a paver patio. As you can see, pricing per square foot is not a great way of estimating the costs of a paver patio. If you have any other questions we are happy to answer them for you. If you prefer you can send us a message or you may call our office from 8am-5pm during the week.

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